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מרים פרץ

In the Sacred Circle of Dance

Any point in time that we form an intentional circle with connection and eye contact it is an opportunity to create a sacred community space. Movement and dance are some of the highest levels of human communication as they transcends all barriers of background, religion, belief, or language…..it is the souls journey towards freedom in the physical realm, a cry to return to the unity of creation. Through traditional Bektashi and sufi inspired circle dances we will join our hearts and send blessings and healing to the world.

Ritual Chants & Dances for Healing the Heart –

Together we will join our voices, bodies and hearts in intentional prayer for healing and transformation. Traditional chants from the Tuareg-Moroccan Guedra & Sufi Zhikr will be at the heart of the workshop.

Miriam Peretz is an internationally acclaimed performing artist and instructor specializing in traditional and sacred dances from the Silk Road (Persia & Central Asia,) as well as her own. highly unique form of ethno-Contemporary dance. Miriam has recently started Nava Dance Collective which is an international collective of dancers devoted to creating community and sisterhood in the sacred circle of dance as well producing meaningful projects inspired by women centric and cross cultural, cross religious themes. Miriam’s love of dance has led her on a life long journey in search for ways to use the arts as a bridge between people of different backgrounds and spiritual traditions. She sees dance as a uniquely powerful means of healing body/mind/spirit as well as expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning, and therefore the perfect embodiment of prayer.

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תפריט נגישות

העגלה שלך
עגלת הקניות ריקהבחזרה לחנות