About the producers

Production manager: Kohra Yuval Itach
Artistic manager: Gil Ron Shema
Content manager: Asim Shaul Bracha

6 months before the first Sufi festival we got together and started running with the idea. We saw many visions and many trails to follow, but what was clear to us is that we want to give place to the Sufi path, to its wisdom and beauty, and to all those inspired by it. We felt how important it is to share it, to pass it forward, to give it the proper place, and how meaningful it would be to gather everyone.

We decided to take this adventure to the unknown, coming with love, trust and shared vision.

It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm it met in the world. So many joined us immediately. As soon as we started sharing the idea and working on it things had their own flow, developing organically, giving us the certainty that we are doing something right.

After an exciting first year it was clear to everyone that this festival has to move forward. We felt that something new was created, different than anything before, something that waited to burst out and finally got his place. Everything connected as perfectly as can be.

Ever since we keep moving, while listening carefully and letting the spirit of the festival to lead us.

It’s an honor to invite you all to be a part of this. 

A few words about us:

Kohra Yuval Itach

Creating festivals, conferences, seminars, parties, concerts and other events. Former dancer in Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal dance company, with whom he performed around the world and started Hangar Adama- movement, culture and meditation center in the desert.

Meditation led him to India, where he lived for several years, studies, taught, meditated and worked in Osho center in Puna and participated there in many awearness processes with the most leading facilitators in the world. Among the rest of his activities there, he also started and was the manager of the center’s event department.

Upon returning to Israel he founded “Osho Israel”- Israel’s official Osho organization, with the purpose of making Osho’s work available to more people. With that in mind, he was organizing and facilitating meditation meetings, national conferences, seminars with teachers from abroad and the big Osho Israel Festival every summer.

Ever since, his activity has grown and expanded, with more and more social engagement, new festivals, parties, live concerts and other events that together create a rich circle of activity. 

Besides the Sufi Festival Kohra produces every year the Israel Yoga Festival, Osho Israel Festival,  the “Imagine” Festival, “BodyFest” and other events.

Gil Ron Shama

An author, musician, actor, artist, musical producer, mediator and a goodwill ambassador of the Israeli foreign affairs ministry in Islamic countries.

The founder of different multi-ethnic ensembles that create music from the cultures of the world- from Sufi music, through nomads music, and all the way to contemporary vibe African music.

One of the founders and members of well known “Sheva” whose music spread throughout the world, founder of ensemble SOOF- international Afro-Sufi music project and the successful Piyut ensemble “Diwan Halev”.

Over the last decade he has been traveling across the world, fulfilling his vision as a mediator and connecting different nations, streams, religions and cultures, carrying a message of peace, fraternity and dialogue through music, words, playing and listening.

Asim Shaul Bracha

Leading workshops of Sufi dance and meditation, bodyworker, producer and content manager of different events.

For 5 years lived in India, Thailand, Tibet and Turkey, studied different bodywork therapies and practiced meditation. In 2003 he met Sufism and fell in love. Ever since he has been traveling around the world, participating and hosting workshops, retreats and seminars around those topics. 

Feels deeply grateful for the gifts he has received and for the opportunities to share them.

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