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“In the heart of the Sufi way there is a legend that tells that listening to music draws a man to heaven while still alive…”

We invite you to a rare musical journey, deep, wild and unforgettable, with over 15 live concerts hosting over 100 musicians from all over the world. Moving between 2 circular stages, the musicians will be surrounded by the audience from all sides. Every 2 hours a different show will begin, one following the other, creating a fluent wave throughout the festival.

In the Festival you’ll enjoy a 48 hours long musical experience, day and night, that will take us through the many colors of the Sufi music with its many languages, rhythms, styles and origins. Starting from the sacred Qawwali singing from Rajasthan, through the Sufi trance from Africa, the Daf and tambourine from the mountains of Persia and Kurdisthan, the melodies of the Ottoman Sultan’s courtyards and all the way to the Dhikr ceremonies and the ancient connection between dance and the musical keys of the middle east.

This Festival is unique for the fact that all the music is live music, played by the artists, with not one electronic bit, nor d.js, all alive with acoustic instruments brought from all over the world.

Mark Eliyahu Duo

Thursday 22:00 Village Square

Zohar Fresco - Itzhak Ventura - Ofer Mizrahi

Friday 20:00 Village Square

Yochai Barak Saz Orchestra

Thursday 20:00 Village Square

Bab El Hawa

Bab El Hawa

Friday 12:00 Village Square

gilron 2024

Ensemble Gil Ron

Friday 22:00 Village Square


Harel Shachel and the Sufi Orchestra conducted by Niri Sade

Saturday 12:00 Village Square

מעיין_ליניק צילום-שירה הומינר

Ma'ayan Linik

Friday 16:00 Amphi Stage

SHIRAN photographer Eran Levi


Saturday 14:00 Amphi Stage

tavera en


Friday 18:00 Amphi Stage

Amir Shahsar Trio

Saturday 10:00 Amphi Stage

Meira Segal and Ariel Bareli

Friday 10:00 Amphi Stage

lady baladi

Lady Balady

Friday 14:00 Amphi Stage

Yaron Peer and Friends

Saturday 16:00 Village Square

Here is the general schedule of the festival. It is not final and is subject to change, but it gives a clue about the extent and flow.

The list of artists participating this year will be published soon. Exciting surprises are waiting for you.

18:00 Opening sounds- Amphi
20:00 Opening ceremonies- Come- Main square
20:15 Main event – Main square
21:30 Main event- Main square
23:00 Musical jams around the village

10:00 Morning concert- Amphi
12:00 Main event- Main square
14:00 Concert- Amphi
16:00 Concert- Main square
18:00 Sunset concert- Amphi
20:00 Main event- Main square
22:00 main Dhikr ceremony- Main square
00:00 Night time jams around the village

10:00 Morning concert- Amphi
12:00 Main Whirling ceremony- Main square
14:00 Noon concert- Amphi
16:00 Final show- Main square

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